Core Workouts

Having a strong core will improve your technique. You will be able to sit up better and keep a straight back, leading to better transfer of power be able to hold the body forward for longer, increasing the amount of work your legs can do. Some of these workouts are directly taken from

Feng Core

This is a core workout created by one of TJ Crew’s greats: John Feng. Legend has it that John Feng would do three sets of Feng Core without taking a break or breaking a sweat. This is a 10 minute core workout that works your stability and will make your shoulders sore along with your abs. The workout is as follows (no rest and try to stay up for the whole thing):

  1. 90s plank
  2. 60s side plank (left)
  3. 60s side plank (right)
  4. 60s plank
  5. 60s plank to pushup
  6. 60s swing/side to sides
  7. 60s Knee to elbow (basically mountain climbers)
  8. 60s leg and opposite arm extended
  9. 90s plank
  10. Post pic to Swole Call

15 Minute Abs

15 Minute Abs works the abs in every way. Go through the list twice, 30s per exercise. No rest.

  1. Crunches
  2. Bicycles
  3. Toe touches
  4. 1 legged toe touches
    • Switch sides after 15s
  5. Flutter kicks
  6. Twisting crunches
  7. Butt-ups
  8. Pendulums
  9. Scullers
  10. Russian twists
  11. Leg lifts
  12. Scissor kicks
  13. Leg holds
  14. Oblique crunches
    • Switch sides after 15s
  15. Super mans

Kang Core

Perform each exercise as fast as you can, as well as you can, with as few breaks as possible. It’s about quality, not quantity, and about getting it all done.

  1. 100 x crunches
  2. 40 x left door-hinge pushups (kind of like a one-armed pushup. use one arm while the other supports your body by resting on the ground, bent at the elbow.)
  3. 40 x right door-hinge pushups
  4. 60 x toe touches
  5. 80 x left oblique crunches
  6. 80 x right oblique crunches
  7. 100 x scullers
  8. 120s plank
  9. 50 x pushups
  10. 40 x V-sits
  11. 60 xRussian twists
  12. 60s two-point plank (left hand up-right foot up)
  13. 60s two-point plank (right hand up-left foot up)
  14. 30s superman

Navy Abs only works the abs and obliques. Pick a consistent number (i.e. 25) and follow through with every exercise. No breaks.

  1. Leg lifts
  2. Oblique crunches
  3. Straight legged crunches
  4. Bent legged crunches
  5. 90 degree crunches
  6. Straight legged crunches or toe reaches